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Great Install instructions for the K1600GTL

After some time using the BMW Bluetooth communication  I just hated  the fact of having to charge them every 8 hours.  It is just a lot easier to just plug the helmet in to the Baehr system and go on your way.

Below is what comes in the Baehr Communication  box for the BMW K1600GTL.  There is one aditional item that wasn’t in the box and that is the Bluetooth  device that lets you contact your phone to the GPS  or phone by it self.




The box contents contained 2 CD’s that are in German and paper copies of the wiring diagram translated in English.  After I logged on to the US Baehr web site I down loaded the operating manuals in English that are pretty easy to follow.  Thomas is the sales Rep here in the US and is very helpful with any questions you may have about the unit.


The first part of installing the system  is getting the bike dismantled in order to install the communication system.

1.  Remove the seat and unbolt  (- negative Battery terminal )

2.  Audio Selector Switch part #(RUS-03-00)

a. this is the main wiring harness used to cut and splice wiring into the speaker  on the bike.

3. Most installs are done under the seat  were all the wiring is done right at the radio.  The wiring loom comes with a switch that allow you to switch between the helmet speakers or the motorcycle speakers.   If it is installed under the seat you will have to remove the seat to make the switch.  I chose a different install by modifying the wiring harness.   This can be done by carefully removing the protective sleeves  and rearrange the wiring configuration.





4.   Below is the wire colors used on the Motorcycle speakers

                                         SPEAKER WIRE COLORS

Left                                                                              Right

1. YELLOW/RED -CUT AND SPLICE              3. BLUE

4. YELLOW/BROWN                                            2. BLUE/RED- CUT AND SPLICE


5. The switch will go between the front left and right speaker.  For the wiring harness to be long enough the 2-Yellow/RED and Yellow/Brown  need to be together to reach the left speaker.  The  2-Blue/Red and Blue need to be together in order to reach the right speaker.

Important 6. When you separate the wiring pairs pay attention to the Yellow/Red and Blue/Red have a Yellow band around them.  When these are separated mark them #1 because they will need to be paired with the wire going to the radio.

6.  Install the switch were the screw held the speaker cover on.  This was the only place available for the harness to fit.  I just went above the screw and drilled a another hole and reinstalled the screw there.  The speaker cover has to be installed in order to reach up from behind and install the switch.  There not enough room otherwise.





7.  The speaker wiring is the same color as Baehr wiring harness.

a. On the left side at the speaker, cut Yellow/Red  and pair the one marked #1 Yellow/Red with the Yellow/Red going to the radio.  Attach the other Yellow/Red goes to the speaker plug connector.  b. The Yellow/Brown is then spliced to the speaker wire Yellow Brown.



Right Side

8. On the right side the wiring colors going to the speaker: Blue/Red and Blue

a. Cut and splice both Blue/Red together with  one marked #1 goes toward the Radio and the other Blue/Red  to the speaker plug.

b. Splice the Blue to the Blue ( no Cut )

On mine I extended the wiring  and this was the only color wiring I had, just make sure you hook the right ones.

There was not enough room to mount the Baehr unit on a shelve so I attached the Velcro and attached it to the bottom of the gas tank.


9. The wiring for me was easy since I have a PDM 60 installed on my bike.  Although it comes with a power distribution with a trigger wire.  It hooks up to the battery with the black wire to the negative and Red to positive.

a. The trigger wire splices in on a wire that is hot once the key is on.


I spent about 12 hours installing the unit.  All the wiring is under the gas tank and my helmet connectors sticking out from under the seat for easy access.  Everything is working on my bike as designed.  The wonder wheel,  BMW V GPS and my I-Phone V .   Yes I would Highly recommend this unit to anyone.



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