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silverline vs blackline

Decision Guide for Silverline Products vs. Blackline Products

Pure Communication

If your main objective is a fun ride with your buddy or you girlfriend, zooming to the beach or the downtown cafe, the Black Line is your device of choice. Listen to your favirote tunes, while still being able to get voice commands from your GPS unit while touring alone, no problem.
Blackline devices provide all this, simple and easy and for an excellent value. You get everything needed for great entertainment and great communication.
Expensive and more elaborate automatic features, which would only be useful on high speed highway trips, can be found in our array of Sliverline devices.

The only Blackline Product featured on our site is the BASIC SL communication unit!


Excellent Voice Quality on Tour

These devices excel in automatic volume control for all speed and noise ranges as well as wind noise redeuction and compensation. Voice communication will only switch on, when you are actually talking, music will be faded out into the background and resume normally after talking.
No matter if your choice is a naked speed bike or the large cruiser with fering. The advanced and state of the art technology of the Silverline devices can’t be fooled. All automatic parameters can be adjusted easily and customized precisely to your needs, based on bike and helmet. That’s baher’s Silverline for you!