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TIRO Plus, 3 helmet kits

TIRO Plus, 3 helmet kits
Price: $1,033.95


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  • system integrated in motorcycle
  • splash water protected aluminum casing
  • communication interface for LPD, PMR, radio
  • stereo
  • clear reception over 180 km/h
  • 2 smart audio inputs
  • audio signal boost
  • audio-radio-automatic
  • optional handlebar controls for: sleep switch, antistress switch volume switch high/low

Those looking to combine family and motorcycling in an appropriate manner , will soon find themselves owning a sidecar. Additionally, "family motorcycling" has special demands for communication.

The children in the sidecar like "Thomas the Tank Engine" to the hilt, the father on the other hand is more of a Joe Cocker fan or want to listen to traffic or news.  The modern mom rides on her own motorcycle. But it is precisely such challenges that a TIRO Plus masters.

Consistent channel separation allows trouble-free communication of two, three or four people in the
Team. Via the radio interface communicationg with a worried mother or other motorcycles is easy. Two separate "Audio Inputs" for sidecar and driver / passenger allow to maintain peace in the family even at the hundredth repetition of the children's tape.

And thanks to an "anti-stress switch" you can better concentrate on the road even with advanced communication requirements for the driver. The "sleep switch" for the little ones however does not literally have the effect which so many parents wished, but will provide the necessary silence in their helmets once the kids already dozed off.

Especially with children, it is often very important and helpful to be able to talk while driving .

With the TIRO Plus, family and other drivers around become a team and can enjoy the riding adventure together.

KT-MGA-0202, KTMGA0202