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BASIC SL, 1 helmet kit

BASIC SL, 1 helmet kit
Price: $294.45


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  • system integrated in motorcycle
  • one helmet kit
  • splash water protected synthetic casing
  • splash water protected plug and socket
  • stereo
  • clear reception over 160 km/h
  • individual volume adjustment for driver/pillion
  • 1 universal interface, mono in/out, outgoing signal adjustable
  • smart audio input
  • audio signal boost
  • absolutely maintenance free
If you like going for a weekend trip - together with your favourite pillion - to the mountains, to the beach, or just to the nearest café our "Blackline" range offers you exactly the right entertainment. You only want to listen to your favourite music but still don't want to miss out on the announcements of your navigation system, even if you are on your own? With the "Blackline" range you can experience top-quality communication technology, simple and inexpensive but fitted with everything you need for easygoing entertainment. Sophisticated and therefore more expensive functions which advantages will only matter on faster stretches on the motorway or long trips are available with the "Silverline" range.
You are a solo driver and you do not want to miss out, neither on good music in stereo quality nor on navigation system and mobile phone - Then, the BASIC SL is the right choice for you.

KT-LCS-0501, KTLCS0501