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Bluetooth adapter

Bluetooth adapter
Price: $307.90


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  • system integrated in motorcycle
  • splash water protected black synthetic casing
  • splash water protected plug and socket
  • clear reception over 150 km/h (depending on mobile phone)
  • basic volume setting
  • range up to 10 m
  • absolutely hands free
The BlueTooth adapter is not a self-contained communication system. Connected to the universal interface of your baehr intercom it links via BlueTooth radio technology, wirelessly, to your BlueTooth capable mobile phone¹ or navigation system¹. Once you have paired your mobile and/or navigation system with the BlueTooth adapter and activated the BlueTooth function they will automatically pick up the connection every time you engage the ignition of your bike. Your mobile can just stay in your pocket. With this system music transmission is only possible in telephone quality. ¹An up-to-date listing of tested devices can be found on our website. For more information please refer to the manual of your mobile phone or navigation system.

KT-BPU-0300, KTBPU0300