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K1200LT, 2 helmet kits

K1200LT, 2 helmet kits
Price: $1,343.19


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The K 1200 LT two-way communication system is based on our tried and trustd ULTIMA XL with its multiple functions, but specially tailored to the requirements of the BMW K 1200 LT and its riders.
In conjunction with the original BMW audio unit, it’s upto you where the music is played: through the loudspeaker during a picnic, or in the helmet while on the road.
Additionally, three stereo universal interfaces provide you with the possibility of extending your K 1200 LT into a genuine communication centre. Once you have determined your individual priorities among mobile phone, navigation system, radio units, music and conversation with the pillion passenger, the K 1200 LT installation manages everything else for you.

  • system integrated in motorcycle
  • splash water protected aluminum casing
  • splash water protected plug and socket
  • clear reception over 200 km/h
  • Stereo
  • continuously adjustable automatic voice volume
  • voice automatic
  • automatic volume voice
  • automatic volume audio
  • automatic volume radio
  • automatic "sing-along"
  • smart audio input high end
  • switch between external and internal speakers
  • 4 universal interfaces, stereo (in/out)
  • automatic priority
  • external signal boost
  • automatic adjustment with individual measurement per helmet,
    separate adjustments for driver's/pillion's helmet
  • individual adjustments for parameters
  • absolutely hands free
Largely based on the ULTIMA XL, intercoms tailor made for BMW touring bikes and their driver's requirements. Offering everything a state-of-the-art stereo high end system should have.
Luxury class touring does not have to stop when it comes to communication!
Installation is quick and easy with a specifically customized cable harness.
For the K1200LT the original speed-driven volume adjustment of music (GALA) is maintained through integration of the original stereo system. You can also switch between external and internal (helmet) speakers.
With our mini boom microphones, system helmets can communicate even with the chin part flipped up; or you might consider converting them into an open face helmet.

KT-AVC-1604, KTAVC1604